Kimberle Koile

Kimberle Koile

Kimberle Koile is the Principal Investigator. Her research, in both industrial and academic settings, has focused on building intelligent computational tools for complex human tasks. She currently focuses on using tablet pcs to increase classroom interaction and learning in education technology. She received her SM and PhD degrees in computer science from MIT.

Steve Chapman

Steve Chapman

Steve Chapman is the Lead Software Developer for CLP.

Lily Ko

Lily Ko

Lily Ko is a Research Associate at TERC.

Ada Ren

Ada Ren

Ada Ren developed the website.


Student Alumni

Capen Low

Capen Low worked on the Authoring module.

David Chen

David Chen worked on the Interpretation module.

Curtis Liu

Curtis Liu worked on the Aggregation module.

Kah Seng Tay

Kah Seng Tay worked on the redesign of CLP for offsite deployment.

Adam Rogal

Adam Rogal maintained the environment for tablet PCs and contributed a notes section.

Kenneth Wu

Kenneth Wu supported CLP's recognition of context-based drawings.

Kevin Chevalier

Kevin Chevalier worked on sketch recognition of box-and-pointer diagrams.

Sanjukta Pal

Sanjukta Pal supported new features in the Aggregation module.

Jordan Sorensen

Jordan Sorensen monitored enhancements and tablet PC deployment.

Michel Rbeiz

Michel Rbeiz implemented the handwriting interpreter for CLP.

Jessie Chen

Jessie Chen implemented the first version of the Instructor Authoring Tool.

Karin Iancu

Karin Iancu implemented a security module for CLP for electronic quizzes.

Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith wrote the first Aggregator for CLP.

Kay Sang

Kay Sang worked on applying machine learning techniques to handwriting recognition.